Tara has an exceptional reputation for being gentle and showing care when waxing. Top range products are used but what sets her apart is the before and after care she provides. She cleanses skin before and after wax is applied to remove surface oils and help close the hair follicles. Furthermore, essential oils are applied to soften and prepare the skin. This stops wax sticking to the skin, making the experience as comfortable as possible. Finally after the treatment, a tea tree lotion is applied to soothe the area and reduce redness.


Eyebrow Sculpture: $18

Lip: $8

Chin: $11

Lip and Chin: $19

Full Face (including eyebrows): $45

Underarm: $18

Bikini: $23

Half Leg: $28

3/4 Leg: $33

Full Leg: $43

Full Leg and Bikini: $56

G-String: $35

Half Arm: $22

Full Arm: $28

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